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Blackberry To Wall Off Personal and Corporate Data

RIM has started to talk about it upcoming “Balance” application that is in testing with a release slated for two months from now. It allows corporations to continue to control the emails and contact information on a Blackberry while segregating photos, web browser and social networking. The goal is to keep security and corporate data secure while allowing Blackberry users to still play. This is an attempt to keep the business stronghold that RIM has had for a while intact. It’s a neat idea that may make IT departments happy while opening up Blackberry’s a bit to a better personal user experience.

This all may be too little too late as so many companies have already opened their doors to other operating systems and none of this changes the clunkiness of using a Blackberry but they do need to do something…it’s a start.

In related news, they say that Playbook (which will include Balance) will launch with 4,000 third-party apps. That would be an impressive launch figure if they pull it off. They’ve been giving huge incentives (even free devices to developers) but they understand that they need to get into the game quickly.

Via Reuters\MSNBC