I tend to think a rumor is still a rumor, but these days, rumors are quickly becoming facts. Perhaps we should redefine rumors to “companies leaking product details to generate buzz,” how about that?! Any who, as promised/rumored here is a full on video review of the yet to be announced Blackberry Z30. The presenter is not speaking in English, so you’ll be pretty much watching a whole lot of nothing after a minute or two.

As I had no problems with Blackberry’s first attempt at the modern market, I still have a tough question to ask you. Coming home with a madness 5 Inch AMOLED display, a properly provided 2GB of Ram, and a 2,800 mAH battery, will this be enough? Does making a bigger screen really make a device better? If you love Blackberry soup, will this please you even more, or break the love affair? If you’ve been staying away for whatever reason, does this attack you more?

Check out the video below, I am shocked this thing has not been taken down already…. humph!


  1. I think this shows that BlackBerry refuses to accept their identity. This device is DOA. The HTC One Maxx, Samsung Note 3, Nokia Phablet, heck the GS4 too.

    Eatching the BlackBerry diehards commit to supporting these yahoos is saddening.

  2. I am looking for a 5″+ device, and yes this post got my interest.
    But I also have to wonder what BB has to offer over the other TabPhones?
    Why 5″? Because I want more content in an easy to see format. And I want my entertainment to be immersive. And I want it to “fit in my pocket” or atleast be able to come with me everywhere I go, comfortably.

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