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BlackBerry’s PlayBook gets torn down, might be better left that way

Let me first predicate this by saying I have not actually used the newly released BlackBerry Playbook, but a few members of our team have and I thought I would share todays PlayBook news and bring you yet another exciting edition of Mobility Digest’s MDLeaks!

First, let’s get everyone up to speed. We have been posting about the PlayBook going all the way back to last year and now it has finally launched. One of the neat things about the PlayBook is it’s ability to securely mirror emails, PIM, and browser apps that are running on your BlackBerry Smartphone by using an app called BlackBerry Bridge. This would allow Corporate Guys to finally get the IT Department to sign off on a tablet. That is unless you are an AT&T Corporate Guy because AT&T is the only carrier that has not authorized it yet. According to the Death Star, they have only just received the BlackBerry Bridge App and will proceed eventually with their horrifyingly elongated approval process that inevitably will drive AT&T PlayBook owners insane.

Also making news is the guys getting their hands on the BlackBerry PlayBook and literally tearing it all the way down before your very eyes. This is never a pretty sight and has caused even the most steady of Mobility enthusiast to become unnerved so I warn you, follow this link at your own risk and PLEASE do not try this at home!

The folks rated the PlayBook a 7/10 for reparability mainly because it only required two tools for the whole tear down. This of course is only one more than Ramon needed to tear down the iPad which he has since renamed the iPod Large. Moving on the following video gives a pretty good break down of the whole process of tearing down the PlayBook and exposing all it’s hidden secrets which includes a tricky battery to get to. Check out the video:

Now, I promised you some Mobility Digest MDLeaks goodness yeah?

Aaron: Quality Experience my ass. They want to find a way to charge you for another data plan. Trust me on that. Overall the playbook is a very nice device. Just to bad no apps for it. The device was very smooth though when I was using it the other day.

Ramon: Blackberry still alive? Fuck rim!
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

Chris Leiter: I just used the playbook. I hated it. Took me FOREVER to figure it out.

From there things seemed to get derailed on the iPad 3 aka iPod Large. So what’s your thoughts on the PlayBook? Are you getting one and if you already have one, perhaps share your experience. I am currently using the iPad 2 and I can’t imaging the PlayBook getting anywhere close to dethrone the current king of the tablet.


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