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Blownfuze Deserves Some Love

If you love your Fuze (and who reading this site doesn’t) and love keeping up on the latest tweaks and apps, you have got to meet blownfuze. As you will see when you visit his site, he is a cantankerous bastard (can I use that word here?!?!) and his site is coyote ugly, but the guy has EVERYTHING you could possibly want on your Fuze (plus he updates it regularly so you can tell what is new and what is old). Every time I visit his site, I download some great new app or just an updated version of some ones I’ve already got on my Fuze. This trip to his site I’ve downloaded the latest MS Voice Command, some new WM 6.5 taskbar icons, updated CleanRAM, and the Opera 9.5 build 16702.

And I’m going to guess that underneath that gruff exterior is a guy with a heart of gold (otherwise, why would he bring us so much Fuze love). So, BF, a tip of the hat to you.