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BlueAnt Wireless Announces Android Application for Q1 Headset

blueantq1android Today, BlueAnt Wireless announced its first application for Android mobile phones. The BlueAnt Q1 Android application will allow text messages to be announced and read aloud directly into BlueAnt’s Q1 headset. This will significantly enhance the truly hands-free experience of the Q1 and build upon the industry’s most advanced voice controlled headset. The Q1 already lets users answer and make phone calls and operate the device with spoken commands and delivers voice prompts to confirm device settings and provide user guidance. Pretty impressive stuff but now users will be able to do even more.

System Requirements

To use the Android application, you need:

  • Your BlueAnt Q1 Headset with firmware version 8.19 or above installed.
  • An Android device running Android Operating System version 2.0 or above.

Tip: You can check the firmware version of your Q1 by looking at your phone’s list of paired Bluetooth devices. If your Q1 has an earlier version of the firmware installed on it, please register your Q1 (if you have not already done so) and then download and run the BlueAnt Q1 Updater.

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Las Vegas, NV – 2010 CTIA Wireless – March 22, 2010 – Building on BlueAnt Wireless’ industry-leading voice control technology for hands-free devices, the company announces the BlueAnt Q1 Android™ application. Just as BlueAnt was the first to offer voice-controlled functionality for making and answering phone calls on their V1 and Q1 headsets, the new BlueAnt Q1 Android application is the first of its kind to allow text messages to be concisely and discretely read aloud directly into a headset. The application also helps Q1 users by providing pairing and connection guidance, support information and a direct link to BlueAnt Customer Service.

With its intuitive voice interface, the Q1 is already the industry’s most advanced voice controlled headset. Users control the device by saying simple spoken commands and hear voice prompts that tell them what the device is doing.

The recent addition of A2DP to the Q1 headset, via a free firmware update for users, enables the reading of GPS turn-by-turn navigation and audio streaming. By giving Q1 and Android phone users the additional ability to hear their text messages on their headset, BlueAnt expands its commitment to hands-free simplicity while also promoting a safer driving experience for users on the road.
“This BlueAnt Q1 Android application revolutionizes the mobile phone and headset relationship providing seamless integration between both devices,” said Taisen Maddern, Executive Chairman of BlueAnt Wireless. “Now Q1 users will be able to hear text messages received on their Android mobile phone, further enhancing the truly hands-free experience BlueAnt is known for.”
The BlueAnt Q1 Android application is a free download for all Q1 owners and works with any Android version 2.0 or above handset.

The BlueAnt Q1 Android application includes the following capabilities and benefits:
Listen to your text messages – When the user receives a text message, the Q1 headset will say, "You have received a text message from 555-1234" followed by the full text message.
Help and Support – The BlueAnt Q1 Android application provides a direct connection to BlueAnt’s Customer Service center to help users with any product need. In addition, the BlueAnt Q1 Android application allows you to access a user-friendly, searchable manual displayed on your phone’s screen.
The BlueAnt Q1 Android application is available immediately as a free download from the BlueAnt website,, as well as from the Android Market,  (service carrier data charges may apply).
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About BlueAnt Wireless
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