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Bluetooth Headset Holder Helps Relieve Driver Frustration

Hands-free laws while driving have gotten pretty tough, the cops are looking for you, it’s dangerous, so just don’t talk on the phone unless your hands free, simple as that. Also, QUIT TEXTING! So you are on board with this and you get yourself a Bluetooth Headset, drop a few bucks on it, works great. Good to go. Or so you think. They are all (to me) uncomfortable to wear over extended periods of time. Naturally if you drive long distances you don’t want to wear it for that long. But you need to keep it handy for quick access when a phone call comes in. Or what about getting in and out of the car? A lot of times you lose track of your device. Personally, I got a few dollar wrapped up in my Bluetooth headsets, so they stay pretty secure in my backpack. But it is when I am driving that they often get knocked down and fall between the seats or get’s lost somehow. If that is the case in your car, check out this neat little product that will help keep track of your hands free device so that it is always within arms reach when you need, right where you left it.

It is called BlueKlip. Basically BlueKlip is a piece of elastic on a backing board that is 3M double sided tape adhered to where ever you want it. The elastic will accommodate just about any  Bluetooth headset and it can be placed anywhere on your dashboard or counsel for easy access.

  • Attaches to any cell phone or case
  • Attaches to car dashboards
  • Attaches to computer monitors
  • Strong 3M adhesive
  • Easy headset insertion and removal

You get two of them in a package for $6.99 so you can put one in your car and the other in the wife’s or where ever else you like. They come in black, or you can get one in black and the other in gray. You can order 1 or as many as you want, they have bulk rate pricing and will do private branding. Head on over to their website for more information.


New Hands-free Bluetooth Headset Holder Helps Relieve Driver Frustration and Improve Driver Safety

Why should hands free cell phone usage be so frustrating?

Anaheim, CA (Vocus/PRWEB) January 07, 2011

BlueKlip is pleased to announce that our "2 Pack" is now widely available to all. What follows is a brief story about why and how this unique yet innovative product came to be.

From the Inventor:
"In July 2008 the hands free law was passed in my state (California), but my love affair with the hands free head sets started long before this. With my first hands free headset I felt liberated by the freedom of not having to hold a phone to my ear, but like all freedoms there was a price. Due to the small size and high cost I ran into a problem. I was constantly losing my headset. The hundred dollar ear pieces went missing in my purse, my work place, and finally in my car…never to be found again."

"This is how my idea for BlueKlip was born. I went to a craft store with an idea in mind, purchased some basic materials, and with the help of (equally frustrated) friends and family the BlueKlip was born. My hope is that this device will allow people to keep their headsets from being victimized by purses, cars, pockets, and other places of no return."


"I was at my peak of frustration (last Saturday) with getting my feet tangled up in my keyboard and mouse wires when I came across your BlueKlip. I attached it to my tower, run the wires through and now am incredibly happy. I figure with the elastic, the adhesive will not have to work hard at all and it will last a good long time. Now I have to find my bluetooth and attach it to the second one!"
S. McConn, Irvine, CA

"I lost 3 of my Bluetooth ear pieces while on the road… I was interested in finding something to keep it secured in one place, but wasn’t sure if there was anything available. After finding out about BlueKlip, buying one and attaching it to my cars dashboard, I am confident that I will never lose another ear piece again. Thanks guys!"
F. Stanbock, Chicago, IL

"I was familiar with a few different products that secure your Bluetooth when not in use, but none of them seemed very practical. Then a friend told me about BlueKlip so I checked it out on the web. Now that is a product that makes sense . . . well done BlueKlip!"
R. Ahuja , Bangor, ME