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Browse Your Phone From Your PC Browser

Remote Access is beta release from XDA member link8506 that lets you browse the contents of your phone from your PC’s web browser. So you can easily transfer files but beyond this there are two really neat features. The first is viewing photos. Once you have enabled access, on your web browser you can see the photos on your phone. There are thumbnails across the bottom of your PC’s browser of the pics from your phone and when you click on them you get a larger view of the pic on your PC. It’s a pretty neat way to look at photos on a larger screen. Just have a look at the inserted pic for a sense as to how it looks. The second really impressive feature deals with music. Again, once connected you can browse and listen to music stored on your phone through your PC. Aside from the aesthetics of this app, the program is only installed on your phone. There’s no local client on the PC so anywhere you go you can easily transfer files, play your music and show some pics on a larger platform. All you need to do is connect your PC over wifi or ActiveSync, then type the IP into your web browser and you’re set. Oh and as a bonus there’s a registry editor included as well.

This is still a beta with more features to come but I have to admit I like where this is going. It’s a really nice way to show off your phone’s contents and since no PC software is included it’s an easy method to share your media wherever you go. For more info check out this XDA thread and the download is available here.

UPDATE: A new version (3.2) is available from Julien’s website. The original version had a time bomb that would have expired. IE6 compatibility, data transfer rate and other bug fixes are included.