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Bubble Birds – Free Snood Like Game For WM

If you like Snood then you have to try out Bubble Birds since it’s pretty similar, and it’s free. It’s from the same guys that did Droplets and again, the graphics are buttery smooth even on Windows Mobile. You have to connect chains of at least 3 of the same color bird and everything that’s hanging off them falls with it. You can swipe to shoot them or just cheat and tap the spot you want to fire at. The board does drop down over time though and the levels keep advancing. Some things happen involving the birds changing colors when the board drops – I don’t know what dictates it because I’m only about 30 minutes into playing it but as someone who was strongly addicted to Snood, I’m very happy. It’s ad based so that’s why it’s free but I’ll take the ads for the price. Check it out in the Marketplace.

Oh, one thing – there’s no ‘exit’ button and just leaving the game keeps it running in the background (5-7m from what I’ve seen) so make sure you kill it.  And there’s no way to turn off the sound. I don’t care though, I’m hooked already.

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