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Business cards go NFC!

slideshow_new_1In June, I posted about Samsung’s TecTiles for Android devices.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Moo MiniCards. They’re really nice, half-sized business cards. I’ve bought cards from both Moo and VistaPrint at this point, and I prefer the Moo cards: the paper stock is heavier, the pictures are crisper and I like the glossy cards over the matte cards; they really pop.

Now, Moo is announcing NFC-embedded business cards. At the moment, this is just a “give use your email address if you’re interested” deal. I’m really hoping that they don’t make this platform-specific.  I really love this idea for business cards: you can program the cards to do different and unique actions, and you can even change those actions to match up with what you and/or your business is doing at that moment.

Ah! I found their blog write-up about it, and there’s a little more information.  They’re going to be giving away 1 preview card to the next 150,000 orders they get on the site.  (This is the US blog, so I’m going to assume this is for US orders, not UK orders.) While I assume (and you know what happens when you do that…) that this would work on any NFC-enabled device, they will be creating an Android up for owners to easily update and reprogram the card.

The blog has elicited comments about how people would use them, and there are some great ideas there. 

How would YOU use NFC-enabled business cards? (Remember: they don’t hold enough information to actually hold files of any truly useable size, so would you use a card-sized CD instead?  Which, by the way, I haven’t seen many of.  A shame, really…)