Button Trackr? Yea okay, this is indeed the straw that lead to the camel ending up on a really entertaining episode of Cheaters. Sure, the indiegogo project gives a great presentation for you keys, they even go so far as to show multiple pictures with this thing attached to a key. But we all know what this is, watch yourselves people, she/he will know exactly where and when you are.

Button TrackR is the latest item tracking creation by the smart guys over at Phone Halo. Remember theWallet TrackR? (a small device the size of a credit card that keeps you from losing your wallet), well this is a similar device but the size of a coin! and it can by attached to virtually anything. All you have to do is pair the Button TrackR to the included app, it will then notify you when you have left an important item behind, it can keep track of 10 items simultaneously. The app also remembers the time and location you separated from your Button TrackR via GPS.






  1. This is not a GPS tracking device, it is a Bluetooth “leash”
    Your significant other will not be tracking you with this, unless they follow you around.
    And I don’t think enough people will install the app to crowd source your tracking.
    I wanted a small, affordable GPS tracker to implant in my kids, hopefully it will be ready for my grandchildren.

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