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Calling BS on Tablet Survey

calling_bullshit_keyboardSo I ran across a Microsoft News article entitled Survey finds greater interest in Microsoft Surface than Google Nexus 7. Hmm.

I know there’s some interest in Windows Phone and the Surface, and that’s great, I’ve got no problem with that, but I’m not so crazy about bullcrap surveys. So I bounced this off of Google Trends which lets you see what people are searching for on Google  web searches, product search, news search and image search. If people were truly interested in the Microsoft Surface more than the Nexus 7, unless you believed that Google would distort this data to favor their products, you’d think on a Google Trends lineup that the Surface would at least be on par with the Google product if not in the lead.

And you’d be wrong.

Parks Associates, the surveyors, ranks “tablet intenders’” preferred tablet type in Q4 2012, implying, I think, what people are probably going to buy each other for Christmas, and they came up with this:

Nexus 7 11.8%
Microsoft Surface 21%
Kindle Fire 23.7%
iPad 2 44%

So, almost 80% more interest in the Microsoft Surface than the Nexus 7 according to these guys.

Join me for a stroll to Google Trends, let’s see what this data looks like there. Manipulate this however you want, you’ll get the same results more or less, but for the sake of not embedding a dozen graphs I’ll go with a Product Search, worldwide, over the last thirty days, between the Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface, Kindle Fire and the iPad 2, and here you go:

Using fuzzy math calc.exe let me offer you the percentages of the data of Dec 14th:

Nexus 7 49%
Microsoft Surface 7%
Kindle Fire 21%
iPad 2 23%

The kicker: the article, the thread of which is naturally laced with Microsoft enthusiasts rejoicing, quietly links to a CNN article about the survey as its source which was, and only one commenter spotted this, entitled “Interest in the Surface fell 53% after its price was announced.” This is called cherrypicking, fishing pro-Microsoft news out of an article with that title and obviously dodgy data, or delusional reporting, reporting for the delusional or straight-up lying. But if someone wants to give me Bing Trends data on this, feel free. There’s a Bing Trends, right?

Doug Simmons

Oh right… Source: WMPoweruser