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Can Ashton Kutcher Do A Better Job(s) With Lenovo?

I love a good play on words so if you can think of any after I slaughtered the title just let me know! Anyway, it looks like Ashton Kutcher after a dismal movie release of Job’s, portraying legendary Steve Jobs of Apple has taken on a new role with Lenovo as Product Engineer for their (cough) Android Tablet called the Yoga. The only direction for Kutcher after was snubbed by Apple fans in his movie is to snub them back and turn to Android. The movie Jobs which is currently in the 93rd spot for 2013 movies gross box office revenue will surely be pounded down a few more notches as Thor II and The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug set to open soon.

So why not dump iOS for Android? For Kutcher, a self proclaimed techie who has some University of Iowa chemical engineering behind, but didn’t graduate, can lend some celebrity support to Lenovo and laughably some engineering support as he first heads over to Beijing to learn as much as he can and then “apply some of the things I know about consumer software and technology to the hardware devices.” A non graduate western movie star going to China and helping a tech giant like Lenovo “apply” a few things he knows? Anyone else find that funny?

Thankfully these star studded endorsements don’t last long and we can move on to other more exciting ways to waste your time reading about. Anyone remember Alicia Keys being being a creative director for BlackBerry? Anyone remember BlackBerry?