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Change your SPB Mobile Shell skins on the fly!


My favorite shell application for Windows Mobile is SPB Mobile Shell. It’s fast, great looking, efficient, finger friendly, it’s great!

While trying to reconfigure the Omnia I just received (review on the way!), I decided to install SPB Mobile Shell and started looking for an Omnia theme for it.

Well, guess what? Why sattle with just one theme when you can get 10’s of them for free?

If you are SPB Mobile Shell users – this one will change your life! (well, Windows Mobile life…) – it’s called "ChangeSkin" and it’s a freeware that changes your Mobile Shell skins – on the fly!



Here are some instructions:

First, make sure you have the right SPB version: (SPB MOBILE SHELL 2.1.2 / 2.1.4 / 2.1.5)

Then, go to this address to download the correct ChangeSkin
(or use one of the links below)
Release 3.2 WVGA (480×800-Xperia) version (Multilanguage)
Release 3.2 VGA (480×640) version (Multilanguage)
Release 3.2 WQVGA (240×400-Omnia) version (Multilanguage)
Release 3.2 SQUARE 320 (320×320) version (Multilanguage)
Release 3.2 QVGA (240×320) version (Multilanguage)
Release 3.2 SQUARE 240 (240×240) version (Multilanguage)

Once you have it on your PC, copy all the files to the storage card root folder.

Open the scripts folder and run MortScripts. It will make the entire files "runnable" per click. Now click on the relevant install_xxx script and you are all set!

Select the customization option in order to change the page layouts or just skip it by clicking cancel (this is what I did)

Switching from one skin to another is very simple: after the first installation you can find a new Spb Mobile Shell sub-menu called "Spb Skins" (inside the Tools menu); scroll the list (with preview icons) of available skins and set the one you prefer. After the selection you’ll be able to set extra options like clock or button styles.

I just spent an hour switching between the skins, few of them are boring, but most of them are very nice!

Eventually I selected the Omnia skin. You know, to make things more consistent with the rest of the Omnia tools:

Screen54 Screen55Screen57 Screen56

This is amazing! Try it out by visiting the author’s site. And while you’re in there – feel free to donate for that great work.

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