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Check Your Data Usage Lately

Even though I have an unlimited data plan I have always kept track of how much data I transferred to my device each month. Guess it’s just the hidden researcher in me. On my Tilt2 I used SPB Wireless Monitor to track data by service and app. While I don’t have that capability with my new WP7 device I can check usage on my phone when I need to. Just for general info, I only tethered for emergencies or to help out a friend with a broadband problem and I almost never use Wi-Fi because, well because I have unlimited data.

My anniversary date is the 25th of the month and I checked my usage for November (10/26 to 11/25) and discovered that I had consumed 1.346GB, a new record for me. Of that, 121MB was for my Tilt2 from 10/25 till 11/8, with the rest coming from my Surround. If I extrapolated that number out for the full 31 day cycle, I would have used a whopping 2.040GB. Now that’s probably an unrealistic number as I spent a bunch of time those first two weeks downloading at least 75 apps & games, setting up all of my services and generally playing from morning till night.

Now that I have settled down a little bit and have reached the mid-point for December I thought I would check the numbers again and I am at 731MB after 15 days, or 1.462GB extrapolated over a full month. Less than November’s projection but still another record for me. I added Zune Pass a couple weeks ago so even as my “new device” usage drops somewhat, it will be replaced by downloaded and streamed music, which I am liking quite a bit. The chart below breaks down my data usage over the past seven months:

So how has your WP7 experience been so far? More data, less? And if anyone is using the $15.00 / 200MB AT&T Data Plan, even with Wi-Fi to supplement, how are you coping. It looks like I could theoretically get away with a 2GB monthly plan, but I am not giving up “unlimited” any time soon.