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Cherple ?! Chirp-Chirp!


What the heck is a Cherple I asked myself when I got this press release a few minutes ago, and well I still don’t know… seriously though it looks like an interesting little application that lets people send SMS from PC to cellphone and back again.. interesting..

Read on for the full Press Release..

Cherple Aiming Its Free PC-to-Cell SMS Message App at International Customers

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Encouraged by usage statistics, Globaltel Media, is strengthening its focus on European and Asian markets for its PC-to-Cell SMS chat application Cherple™. Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and the United Kingdom are quickly emerging as top users of the service, according to Robert Sanchez, president and CEO of Globaltel Media.

“It makes sense for us to target those markets more directly to achieve greater penetration for Cherple™,” Sanchez said.

According to Sanchez, Vietnam alone went from statistical obscurity straight to the number three slot for most Cherple™ users in the month of April. Since its January U.S. launch, Cherple™ has won nearly 10 million users from all over the world with its easy to use, no-fee and no-subscription service that allows people to send SMS text messages from any Internet-connected PC to any U.S. mobile cellular device and receive messages back from the mobile to the PC.

Paid for through banner advertising and licensing, Cherple’s™ two-way SMS texting makes it the ideal platform to have a real time, two-way chat across any distance, without the need for a special wireless data plan, smart phone or registration. Standard text messaging rates apply to the U.S. cell phone receiving and replying to any Cherple™ message, but there is no cost to the on-line user who initiates and maintains the conversation.

“In the month following its launch, Cherple™ was being used in 60 countries to connect to U.S. cell phones,” said Sanchez. “Now four months out, that number has grown to 134 countries.”

In the wake of this success, marketing efforts will be expanded to Europe and Asia, the two regions outside of North America where usage is the most concentrated. About eight percent of Cherple™ users come from Asia with China, Singapore, Vietnam and the Philippines accounting for 35.7 percent of all Asian usage. Europe accounts for approximately 3.5 percent of all users with the largest usage concentration coming from the United Kingdom with 25.9 percent of that market.

“While the application has shown strong uptake in North America, there is great potential in these international markets where, by organic usage alone, we are seeing upwards of 10 percent of all users,” finished Sanchez.

Cherple™ can be used for free or downloaded to any desktop at