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Chromebooks have no relevant usage in what Google and its Media Pundits thinking

I was reading this blog post by James Kendrick at ZDNet. And basically he rants that Microsoft should be worried about Chromebooks. While worrying about competitor products, no matter of what the size of the competitors business, is one of the healthy way of operating a successful enterprise, considering Chromebook as a threat to Windows is a bit stretch from James though. Anyway I don’t agree with him, but it occurred to me that the real usage of Chromebooks is not in the Public Education system like Google and its media spoon I mean technology bloggers are talking. Its real usage is in Hotels. Hotels could install a Chromebook in each room and their lobbies and other public places like Gym, Swimming Pool, breakfast room etc. People use these systems even if they don’t have to, human tendency. Google and Hotel silently can record what the guests are doing. And I coined my idea there. Advantage, Google can throw more ads and Hotels can silently tap into the potential of extra revenue from Google. One of the reader (with handle @djmik) there agreed with my idea and said further that Chromebooks have usage at public places where systems can be shared. There you Google, you should talk to Hotels and push the Chromebooks.


Source: Yes, Microsoft should be worried about Chromebooks this holiday season