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“Clear” For iPhone is Out–A ToDo App With A UI That’s Worth Taking Note Of

The Clear app is out for iPhone. It’s a todo app but what sets it apart is a somewhat untraditional user interface, particularly for the iPhone. It’s build on gestures but seems entirely intuitive at the same time. Just check this out:

Clear for iPhone (Coming Soon!) from Realmac Software on Vimeo.

Here’s their description so you can see what it does:

*INTRODUCTORY SALE!* For a limited time try Clear’s next-generation take on lists for just 99¢!
Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear, an amazing new app for list-keeping that is unbelievably simple, quick and satisfying to use.
Clear is designed with simplicity and flexibility in mind and works great with any list you throw at it!
Try it with a:
• Personal todo list
• Shopping list
• Quick notes list for phone numbers and things
• List of movies to watch, or books to read
• Guest list for that party
• Bucket list for those big life goals
We became obsessed with how to simplify our lives without adding clutter… Our solution is Clear.
Give it a try and tell us what you think.

There seems to be a bit of positive noise on Twitter over this app and I can see why. I think a todo app is the start but I can see this UI working for more uses.

Anyway, it’s $.99 for now.

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