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CM4 Launches the Q Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

I don’t know about these types of cases, I’m seeing more and more of them, phone case with integrated wallet and CM4 has just announced one for the Galaxy S5. I guess they’re a good idea in theory, but somehow I wouldn’t want everything together. If I lose my phone, sure it’s bad, but I don’t lose ID and credit cards etc because they’re in my wallet, but with something like this if you lose your phone you lose everything basically. Yes our phones have become very important and losing one is not a good thing, but I just wouldn’t want to lose everything all at once as you would with one of thee types of cases.



CM4, designer of premium mobile accessories, presents the Q Card Case for the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S5, designed to bring your world together by offering convenience, protection and innovation.

The ultra-slim and durable case features an exclusive patented soft-touch rubber and premium fabric construction which combine to create a built-in wallet that stores credit cards, cash and IDs. The Q Card Case has an integrated Direct Channel Audio™ design to amplify the sound forward, eliminating the need for users to reflect audio by cupping the device with their hands. The Q Card Case’s one-piece structure provides a protective yet lightweight carrying solution for your device, while its integrated Lay-flat Screen Guard™ provides ultimate screen protection.

Protect your cutting-edge smartphone and simplify your wallet or purse with the Q Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S5. CM4’s all-in-one case is available to pre-order now for $39.99 at CM4/QS5. The Q Card Case comes equipped with a microfiber cleaning cloth and 1 year premium warranty. Shipping April 11th, Q Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in Black Onyx, Midnight Blue and Pacific Green at