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CodeRunner Will Have You Running Around The Town Literally

This game looks kinda neat, but then again maybe not. It could be me though, but I’m not one to run around the town with my phone out either. CodeRunner is an iOS game that works with your GPS and uses the real world as your map. In the game you’re a spy and you’ll do things like hack ATMs and security cameras and create dead drops and much more. I can see it now “But Officer, no I wasn’t tampering with the ATM, I was hacking it, or no wait I just was playing a game…” then you get zapped with the Taser and it’s game over! Sounds like a lot of fun to me!! Yeah I can see where this might go wrong in a very bad way…


RocketChicken Interactive today announced the formal launch of CodeRunner, an espionage adventure with location-based gameplay and real-world riddles, for the iPhone. Available today in the App Store for $2.99, CodeRunnerblends innovative, GPS-enabled gameplay and real-world location-based objectives with a gripping story of spycraft and conspiracy, conveyed through AAA-quality voice acting, video cutscenes, and high production value. Aspiring agents can join the Department of Privacy and take on a growing set of community-contributed challenges by downloading CodeRunner at

In CodeRunner, players participate in the ultimate alternate reality game (ARG) experience. Using their iPhones, gamers accept mission briefings from their “handler,” who sends them to real-world locations to create dead drops and complete spy missions by “hacking” into ATMs, security cameras, wifi networks, and other electronic landmarks. On top of the single-player campaign, players create dead drops for other players, as well as find dead drops from other player-spies. CodeRunner has unparalleled production values, with real actors and AAA-quality voice acting throughout the game experience.

CodeRunner features:
•Real-Time Missions – CodeRunner uses your phone’s GPS to create mission objectives for you, anywhere you are.
•Learn to Spy – Watch in-game tutorial videos to learn how to become an elite, undercover agent.
•Create Dead Drops – Create physical dead drop locations for other spies to find, as well as uncover other spies’ dead drops left for you by solving player-contributed riddles and clues.
•Multiplayer – Find codes hidden around you in plain sight using your spy tools. Solve puzzles created by players near you, and leave puzzles for them to solve in return.
•Hack Into Networks – Hunt down enemies of the state by “hacking” into wifi networks to steal intelligence files and bug phones to monitor calls.
•High Production Value – Experience a single-player campaign with cutscenes and sound bites created by real actors.