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Customer Service FTW

My father bought me one of the generation 1 Kindle Fires for Christmas the year they came out. I (and my Son) have been very happy with it as an entertainment device. But in the last few months, I’ve noticed that it wasn’t charging very well. I’d have to reset the (original) cable multiple times, jiggle it around, and generally futz with it.

Last Friday night, the week before a 2-hour car trip that makes it necessary as Child Distraction, it flat out refused to charge, no matter how much I played with the cable. So I made a request for a support call. I choose the “call me now” option, and my wait time was less than a minute. I told the service rep what was happening and she said it was a “known issue with the Generation 1 Fires” that the cable didn’t *quite* fit the connection.

Since I was signed into the Amazon account (to get the service call), she dropped the new cable and A/C adaptor into my cart, along with a promotion (nice idea from a business standpoint for them to do it on their end, instead of giving the customer the code, which could be used again, or spread around) to negate the cost, and she also negated the shipping (but I’ve got Prime, so that wasn’t an issue).

So the first lesson here, folks, is if you have a Gen-1 Kindle Fire and it’s not charging off the original cable, you can get a replacement from Amazon gratis.

The second lesson is that Amazon did Very Well by me, and made me a Very Happy customer. And that is certainly worth, in the long run, the $30 they just swallowed in the short term.