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Customize Your Wait Cursor – The Easy Way

wait cursor There are ways to change your wait cursor (you know, the spinny thing when everything else is frozen), but this is probably the easiest. Simply install Marshall Wait Cursor 3 (MWC3) from this website and once installed you’ll have a finger friendly customization interface from which to change your wait cursor (install it to main memory). Marshall has even provided a bunch of additional cursors to choose from that are pretty neat. On top of that you can control how the cursor works (like how long of a wait until it kicks in) but I found that the defaults are pretty good. As a final bonus, it is really easy to make your own cursor. In fact, it’s easy enough that I made one (take a look). The little bars light up then the middle lights up:) I’ve made it into a cab to make it easier to install and you can download it here in our forums.

All it takes to make your own cursor is to make a series of pictures (png’s) and then change the file conf.mwc3 in notepad (you can just copy one of Marshall’s cursor that are located in your ProgramsWMC3 directory once installed). That file contains the names of the images in order, the length of time that each image is on the screen for and the name of your cursor. Just drop all of it in a new folder located in ProgramsWMC3 and you’re set. It’s really simple.

This is not compatible with 6.5 ROMs. Otherwise, start downloading and get rid of that default Windows spinny guy that’s irritating as heck:) If you make any fancy ones please share with the community. The XDA thread is located here and if you like his work don’t forget to give him a tip.