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D.Y.O.D! Defend Your Own Dungeon: Tiny Heroes Comes to iOS Devices

I can remember spending many, many hours of my errant youth playing dungeon style games. Ah, the good old days of my Commodore 64, yeah I guess I’m that old now. I still love playing games though, I don’t think I’ll ever give it up. Tiny Heroes reminds me a lot of dungeon games of my youth, but the graphics are a lot better. Still though there’s a lot to be said about the purity of the old style games, things were, much simpler back then. I like the idea behind Tiny Heroes as you’re not the hero, you’re the dungeon master and you’ve got the stop the heroes from finding the treasure.



Attention budding Dungeon Masters! Do you experience joy at the demise of Heroes in your campaigns? The dungeons of Tiny Heroes need your brand of masterful skills. From the mastermind behind the hit iOS games geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm comes Tiny Heroes for iPhone® and iPod touch®, in which you’ll defend your treasure troves from pesky hordes of Heroes intent on stealing them away.

Enjoy a healthy variety of weapons of mass medieval destruction at your disposal as you progress through the game, including torturous crossbows, pain-wielding orcs, floor pikes, wall spikes and much, much more. Strategically place these tricky traps throughout your lair to put an end to the Heroes’ little … adventure.

“I wanted to take the razor-sharp game experiences of geoDefense andgeoDefense Swarm and turn them into a defense game that everyone will love,” said David Whatley, CEO of Simutronics and evil mastermind behind Tiny Heroes. “We’ve deviously designed Tiny Heroes to provide just enough fun for casual players and loads of advanced levels for aspiring dungeon masters seeking a real challenge.”

Think you’re good enough? Advance your dungeoneering skills to access a myriad of features in Tiny Heroes:

• Conquer over 50 unique levels!
• Defend the Dungeon with over 30 Defense Mechanisms!
• Build towers, set traps, summon minions and conjure spells!
• Unlock Challenge Levels to test your skills!
• Impress with achievements and leaderboard scores!
• Game Center and OpenFeint integration!
• New Campaigns, Challenge Levels and Defenses coming soon!

For more information about Tiny Heroes, visit the App Store, or traverse the digital dungeon’s official website.