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Daddy’s little girl wants to be the hero? Like a boss.

You guys might not be able to wrap your mind around this one, but as many times as we’ve probably heard this, if you’re a girl in a man’s world, finding female heros/leads/role models is Not That Easy. When I was growing up, the first strong woman character I was aware of was Nichelle Nichol’s Uhura, and even she was 1/2 eye candy in the mini-dress, 1/4 helpless female, and 1/4 strong female.  The first pseudo-hero(s) I can recall are Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, from the old Sid & Marty Krofft Supershow, which was a lot of camp, really. And the only reason I mention them INSTEAD of Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman is, well let’s be fair, WW was more eye candy than substance, amiright?

Today’s girls have a little more depth to choose from, except in gaming. “Oh, what about Laura Croft?” you say. Short shorts and a tank top? mmhm. Any female in a fantasy genre game? T&A fanservice, right there.

So here’s my shout-out to Father of the Year: When his 3-year-old was upset that the Princess couldn’t save Mario in Donkey Kong, he HACKED THAT SH**.

Mine just bought me & my sister cowboys and indians. And trains.