It’s not everyday that’s I’m jealous of people who have fruit logos on their electronic devices, but after watching this video I am incredibly envious.  There have been nice looking games released for the iPhone already, but I think this one takes the cake.  Not only does it look great but the game mechanics feel much more like a pc or console game than a glorified fruit ninja game.  Plus your hands don’t have to cover as much of the screen while you play so you can actually enjoy all those nice graphical effects.  EA released Dead Space yesterday for $6.99 which isn’t bad for all that eye candy.  File size is 291MB compared to Infinity Blade’s 318MB.

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  1. And MS releases parachute panic. So much for all the hype about having xbox live on your phone, WP7 is being put to shame left and right.

  2. @efjay: To be fair, Windows Phone has been out less than 6 months while iOS has had over 4years to mature into a stable platform. Games like these take loads of time, manpower and money. 3 things companies are less likely to do with a new platform. Windows Phone does have some nice graphical games like The Harvest. While not up to the standards of this game, it’s still pretty good. I’m confident by the end of the year we’ll see something of similar caliber to Dead Space appear on Windows Phone(at the very least an announcement of one).

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