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Dear iPad Mini, I can learn to love you

Dear iPad Mini, I CAN love you

Apple has one more event queued up for the year, and while some hold tight to the iTV rumors, most are saying this will be the launch of the much rumored iPad Mini.

What is the iPad Mini anyway? Is it the 7-8 inch version of an ipad Steve Jobs swore up and down would never work? Or perhaps its an Apple version of the same nonsense going on in Android world, which Steve Jobs said was DOA. If you guess all of the above, you guessed right! Screen size aside, the iPad mini is expected to be spec’d fairly similar to the current iPad, that’s also known as “the NEW iPad.”

So, what’s it too me? Well, tablet failed to be a good middle ground for me. I am a content creator, which mean I need a fully functioning OS and all the power abilities that come along with it (hello Windows 8 Pro.) iOS and Windows 8 RT for that matter would server me no good, it simply cannot work. This then turns the iPad into a $987 iTouch. Its nice, its slim, it surely can be capable, but its too damn big.

Even with its thin and light profile, the iPad becomes a pain to use after a while. I top out around 15 minutes of content use. Sure I can’t hold my laptop the way I can hold an iPad, but when I get tired I can put my down in such a way that it can support itself and I can continue to crank away. A 7 inch iPad, now there is something nice. That’s a game changer for me.

Dear iPad Mini, I CAN love you 2

I’ve already accepted the fact that iOS is not a serious option for me when it comes to productivity, but I do enjoy having access to random apps I really don’t care about when I am bored. Where my current iPad stays at home and collect dust, the iPad Mini should be small enough to make the cut! And by making the cut, I mean, grabbing it for a quick run out of the house. So I foresee having Windows Phone and an iPad Mini on me most days.

Sure, I could have had a Nexus 7 and have the same effect, but that’s Android. I actually want to thing to last long enough to receive email. Jokes aside, I feel as if the design on an iPad Mini would be far past anything any Android tablet has to offer right now. I can live with that.

So for me, make it small enough where it doesn’t strain my hands after 15 minutes of use, as well as being able to fit in a back pocket or coat pocket and I am sold. I can actually see myself walking around with it. I am still not sure what I will actually use it for, but I’ll walk around with it. Bring it on Apple!