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Dell launches the Streak Pro over in China

The first thing you are probably thinking is why in the world is Dell releasing some cool new device over in China when they royally dropped the ball over here in the United States? It appears that Dell is focusing on China because how fast rate of development that is occurring over there and the opportunity it obviously presents them to compete. With HTC, Motorola, Samsung, and Apple dominating smartphone sales, the Dell Streak would realistically have to sell on price in a very competitive market where they would not win any specs war. Two Dell devices come to mind. First the Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone. Granted, it was a first release for the entire platform but even with a pretty cool device that sported a slide up keyboard, it got lost quickly in the midst of the HTC HD7 and Samsung Focus. A second device that I really liked was the Dell Streak. You would be hard pressed to find a better quality constructed device, but the 5 inch screen size, and outdated Android 1.6 operating system doomed an otherwise excellent device. Dell, in keeping with their poor update rollouts, failed to get Froyo out for locked AT&T customers and the device face EOL recently.

Dell makes a great product. Dell sucks at marketing. In China Dell will have a great environment to succeed and the well funded computer giant perhaps can rebuild former smartphone glory and regain a foothold in China which possible could lead to return here in the United States. Releasing the Dell Streak Pro, a highly spec’d out smartphone, it is the first smartphone based on the Baidu-Yi mobile platform. The Streak Pro will have 3G, dual core 1.5 GHz processor, 4.3 inch display with Gorilla Glass protection and a screen resolution of 960 x540. nothing earth shattering from a design standpoint, but simple clean lines will force the device to stand on it’s own two feet.