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Dell Streak 7 promo video on T-Mobile YouTube

T-Mobile is letting the fun begin with it’s Dell Streak 7 Android 4G Tablet on YouTube with  30 second promo video to let you get a taste of the Gorilla Glass goodness coming soon. This is T-Mobiles first 4G Tablet and unlike the first 5 inch Streak Dell launched last year, the Dell Streak 7 looks to get some marketing put behind it. Even though the Streak 7 will not be a Honeycomb, Android 3.0 device (cough…XOOM….cough) this will be a solid built tablet just like it’s little brother is.  Check out the video for a first look.

We got the press release on the Dell Streak 7 4G coming to T-Mobile for your reading enjoyment here.

via TmoNews