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Dell Streak Pre-sale Announcement

There is a pretty healthy debate about how big is too big for a cell phone but for me, I’m never going back to anything smaller than a 4.3” screen device. The HD2 I currently have is amazing (screen/hardware) and email, social media, and surfing the internet have never been better. So I have been following with great delight, the announcement of the Dell Streak. The Streak, a 5” media monster, is being spun by Dell as just that, the ultimate way to experience social media, gps, etc. But it is still a phone!

  • Widescreen display optimally designed for mobile web, video and movies
  • Integrated social networking widgets and apps, plus tons of apps through the Android Marketplace
  • Crystal-clear damage-resistant Gorilla®  glass screen
  • Google MapsTM  with navigation and text-to-voice, turn-by-turn directions with Street View
  • Multitasking Google Android OS that give you the freedom to do what you want

    Sign up for the Pre Sales Announcement here:

    Here are more details about the Streak here:

    Thanks Wendy!

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