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Dell taking aim at the smartphone market

Dell seems like they’re taking aim at the mobile smartphone market….and they’re not playing around either.  Some of you remember Doug’s article, but more details have leaked in the following weeks.  Dell has been spending a lot of time with parts manufactorers, software developers, and others.  The device, which sources say may launch as soon as next month, is speculated to bring a fresh new concept to the smartphone market that Dell has been known for, customizability.

So far its speculated that the phone will run Windows Mobile or Google Android.  Furthermore it will come with or without a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

If Dell’s history with the Axim were any indication, their new smartphone could really put a strain on HTC, RIM, and Apple.  Knowing Dell it could be a barebones, sleeked down model, that’s customizable all the way up to a pocket supercomputer, capable of replacing your laptop on certain outings, which will be great, fitting all needs and budgets.

In my own opinion, I think this was a logical move for Dell.  Their marketshare is down, and smartphone market share is up.  They already have experience with mobile devices, plus a lot of that team is probably still working at Dell.

Now I hope Dell comes out with a device that can perform well and establish a reputation of having good hardware/software integration (talking to you HTC).

Who knows, Dell may pump out the first Tegra device on the market.  We should know more when Dell is expected to announce the device next month at the Mobile World Congress.

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