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Dell Thunder Prototype Does A Little Dance For The Camera

I am so incredibly jealous of all you Android users, out there, right now.  The Dell Thunder is one of the best looking devices to come out of a R&D lab for a long time.  In fact all of the earlier Dell leaks looked pretty amazing.  And Engadget has gotten their hands on a video of it.  This and the Lightning were definitely my 2 favorites of the bunch.  Video doesn’t really reveal anything new that we didn’t already know.  But now all those skeptics out there can give it a rest as we now have proof of it’s existence!  There has been some speculation about whether the Lightning leak was a fake or not, but I choose to take this as a very strong sign that the Lightning will be coming out soon as well.  And I hope someday real soon I can tell David K to shove his pessimistic analyzing somewhere dark and that I am clearly a better judge of rumor than he is.  Prepare to be proven wrong David!

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