imageI just ordered it. This is too cheap to pass up. Ill use Office and since I paid so little I got the Dell Active Stylus as well ($30 – free shipping, normally $35). The price is $230 for the tablet but if you use at checkout it’s another $20 off. This is normally a $300 tablet.

Follow these instructions.


  1. That is stupidly good price. So much stuff going on right now or i’d snatch up a couple. Good find and thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s got me chomping at the bit. But think I will hold out for a 64GB to replace my 8″ Acer. I hate having to manage memory, and Windows still does not do a great job at giving the (SD) D drive equal access. Want to feel and touch all the offerings first though. You are going to love the form factor.

    Would make a great gift, btw. Hint, hint.

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