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Destiny–Bungie’s New Action Title [Video]


The gaming world, or the Xbox community at least, was in shock when Bungie announced the hand off of the super popular Halo series to pursue something new. It was a bitter sweet moment indeed. On one hand we had the mega brand that was halo, which we all loved, on the other, we had an extremely talented development team stuck to one console.

With the hand off of Halo to 323 Studios, Halo 4 was better than ever and doing well, now all that’s left was the question of what Bungie was up to! Now we know! In the preview video below, project director Jason jones walks us through a few tidbits of the title called “Destiny.” Just from watching the four minute preview, we can tell a lot of what these guys have learned over the years is alive and well. A great story that should span the life cycle of many hardware generations, great graphics, great musical pieces and just the all around Bungie flair we’ve all come to love! Enough talking, check out the video below!