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DIRECTV App for iPad gets updated Go Anywhere

So maybe you just read the Netflix App for the iPad got updated, maybe you didn’t because maybe you don’t subscribe to Netflix. If that is the case then maybe you subscribe to DIRECTV. If that is the case then here is another update that has some really cool features. New in iPad App Version 1.5.0 is the ability to take your DIRECTV content anywhere you go on your iPad. Channels like HBO, Starz, Encore, and Cinemax can now be yours outside your home and streamed over the internet to your iPad where ever you are.

Another new feature is Live TV Channels inside your home. I’m watching the Shawshank Redemption as I am writing this article. That’s a movie you can watch over and over. Check out the rest of the updates:

What’s New in Version 1.5.0

– Now DIRECTV goes anywhere you go. Watch shows and movies both in and outside your home from HBO®, Starz®, Encore®, Cinemax® and more on your iPad anywhere you go. Go to the “Watch on iPad” tab located at the bottom right of the iPad app and start watching now.
– Also live TV channels are available to watch on your iPad within the home.
– View programs recently watched on the iPad and resume where you left off.
– Discover the top shows and movies that people are currently watching and talking about with the new social module.
– Check in to Miso on the shows you are currently watching.

Head on over to the App Store here for the update or to download.