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Dragon Speech SDK Available To Enable Speech Apps For iOS and Android

Nuance (Dragon Speech) has released a mobile SDK to enable speech input and text-to-speech output for iOS and Android apps and it includes access to their speech servers. This can lead to a lot of voice enabled apps with ease and Dragon is a leader in this technology so iOS and Android users can hope to see some nice hands-free apps come their way.

NMDP members gain access to a robust mobile development portal that delivers everything from full access to Nuance Mobile SDK’s, training materials, user support forums and more – to assist you in building an innovative app that will help you keep your current app fans happy and help you win some new app fans through the cool new app functionality! Plus – there are more eight different languages you can speech-enable your app for including US and UK English, European Spanish, European French, German, Italian and Japanese—with even more languages on tap for 2011! And if it is text-to-speech (TTS) functionality that you seek, look no further—our TTS capabilities cover more than 35 languages!!!
And as you may have read previously on this blog – a number of apps have already been deployed through NMDP including –“Integrating Nuance’s intuitive voice recognition brought a new level of user interaction to our Ask for iPhone question and answer service.  Finding information is incredibly easy when you can simply speak a question versus having to type it in,” said Tony Gentile, Senior Vice President, Products, US.

And yes, I noticed that Windows Phone 7 wasn’t invited to the party – I presume the invite was just lost in the mail though. You can get more information on their site here.