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Droid Does Froyo

Congratulations Droid owners, you are now (unofficially) invited to the Android 2.2 Froyo party thanks to P3Droid of MyDroidWorld. In case you never got the memo, with Froyo you may calculate a lot more megaflops per second, screw around with Flash 10.1/AIR, much faster javascripting, autoupdate your tushy off, better Exchange integration, wifi hostpot and USB tethering, better speech recognition, real-time language translation, install apps to your SD chip just to name a few.

The catch? Need root in order to fire baby this up, nandroid as well. If you’re not a rooting kind of guy yet, well, you could google how to do it but it takes a little commitment so maybe hold off until the official release. On the other hand given that you’re reading a site like this, that puts you near the profile of the type that would want to do this and make it through the finish line, but it’s your call buddy.

Now all of these guys need to root first but HTC Desire owners are also on the Froyo guest list along with MyTouch 3G and G1 owners too. How about that. EVO 4G owners can now root to install custom roms but the only Froyo port I’m seeing is proof-of-concept-ish and “mostly unusable.” If you’re in the mood, here’s a video of the EVO 4G running Froyo… allegedly. Incredible owners, sit tight, we’ll talk soon.

In case you’re wondering, I’m running this pimp tight custom Froyo rom on my Nexus One, clockin’ at a rockin’ 1.113GHz, kickin’ it with 800×480@29fps video recording. Don’t ask me what they are exactly, but we’re talkin’ lots of megaflops, believe you me. Chock full o’ megaflops baby.

Doug Simmons