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DroppedBoxx Free DropBox Alternative For WM

For those of you who live for DropBox but can’t bring yourself to pay for CloudFiles there’s a new beta DropBox app on XDA from d1k_is which is in beta and free.

Features (Currently)

  • Login (of course)
  • Browse Dropbox files and folders
  • Download Files
  • Download then email
  • Upload files
  • Take photo and upload
  • Delete Dropbox Files Features (Future)
  • Copy/move files around dropbox
  • Sync Folders
  • Record audio and upload
  • Create new Folder
  • Display account usage
  • Track application (self) usage Known Issues
  • File Menu doesn’t always position correctly when switching landscape <-> portrait

It’s still in beta and is less feature rich than Cloud Files, but hey, it’s free:) The download is available here from XDA. By the way, if you’ve read this far here’s a bonus: The Cleverest Ways To use DropBox That You’re Not Using in case you missed it.

via PocketNow