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DZ Dock Made in the USA

dzdock-commercialYou might have remembered a few months ago when I wrote up a little article about a 12 year old who has won several awards for his innovative docking solution for an iPad or iPhone. Really, his docks will work on most anything. DZ Docks come in most any color and even have some corporate sponsorship abilities because of the engraving you can have added to the front. Yeah a  Mobility Digest version would be pretty cool.  So, I’m back today to continue to do what very little I can to help this company. I recently read they have been contacted multiple times to take their product to China because how cheap they can be made and they have resisted that call based on the responses they received from their inquiry on Facebook. They have even been talking to companies like ALCOA which supply excellent material for companies around the world. Now, before I get all the comments about how I hate China, I don’t, but I think it is excellent that a company based in USA, Innovated in USA, stays in USA. China has tons of manufacturing and I’m sure this one little Docking Solution won’t crush their fixed economy right?

There are three version to choose from and I ended up buying the 1.1 Version that fits basically everything. Turns out it is on sale for $19.99 where all the others are $29.99. So head on over to DZ Dock and grab one for you or from someone you know who needs a docking solution for their smartphone or tablet.

Here is their most recent commercial I thought I would post, I think I saw it during the Super Bowl? Anyone else catch it? LOL