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e-Natives Showcase Finger Friendly Task Manager

The HTC task manager that we’ve all been using (top right corner of the today screen) is generally decent and usable but how about making it a lot more finger friendly? Well thanks to amarullz of XDA and e-Natives Technology  you can have this. It lets you switch tasks, terminate processes, return to your today screen or return to your last running app. For now you will need to launch this manually or map it to a button but it looks like they’re working on mapping this to the top right corner of the home screen like the other task managers. Also, if you want to change the skin just go into (storage card)program filese-natives technologyshowcase and change the .png files (so for VGA/Fuze you would replace both the 480 and 640 png files).

XDA users seem to be loving it and it should support all screen resolutions. I’m having a little trouble with it but it’s me, not the app since I now have 3 task managers installed (HTC’s, Acer’s and this one on top of WM’s native one) so I think I’ve been hitting the task managers too hard lately and now none of them are happy:)

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