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Eldar Murtazin Has The Credibility of The National Inquirer: Why Is This news?

imageHow many times will blogs post on Eldar Murtazin’s lies and give him a platform from which to spread his crap?  There’s a few things we know. Eldar has not only been wrong on his latest ‘leaks’ about Windows Phones and Nokia, but he’s been so staggeringly wrong as to lose any credibility he may have had (like when he said that Andy Lees would be in a Nokia-MSFT merger meeting after Andy Lees had left Microsoft). He used to be a credible source of information but that’s long past and now he’s used his past record as a method to just make things up and spread whatever misinformation he feels like spreading. Probably just a way to make himself feel lie he’s still relevant. His tweets are thoughts – not fact and not leaks. He’s like the National Enquirer that may get something right once in a while but shouldn’t be considered a news source.

If you want to know about Windows Phone 8, we know very little about it. We don’t even know if it’s core will be a Windows (NT) or CE core. And even if we did know that, it wouldn’t necessarily tell us whether it would run Silverlight and XNA. At this point though, Microsoft is clear that apps will be backwards compatible. Everything else is rumor and if it’s from Eldar, it may be worse than that…