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Ematic Intros Inexpensive EGP800 Android Tablet

When I think of buying a tablet, Walmart isn’t the first place I think of to buy one, then again Walmart is carrying more and more higher end things like the new iPhone. I never expected to see a new Apple product there, but there it is, you can walk in and buy one now. Ematic has just announced a new Android tablet with a price of only $129.99 and yes you can get it at Walmart. The tablet is inexpensive, it’s running Android 4.1 and it’s got a 1.2ghz dual core CPU inside along with an 8” capacitive screen with a 1024×768 resolution. The tablet comes with 8gb memory and 1gb ram, but there’s a microSD slot so you can expand the storage up to 32gb if need be and they’re even offering 5gb of cloud storage. The tablet comes complete with wi-fi, Bluetooth, USB and even an HDMI connection so you can play things on the big screen by mirroring it. One would think at such of low price the tablet might be this little plastic thing, but it’s not it’s got a full aluminum housing on it which I would personally prefer over plastic and I’m sure you would too. The EGP800 coems equipped with a 3000mAh battery that is supposed to provide up to ten hours of battery life and that’s just excellent in my opinion. I wouldn’t mind trying one of these out myself.. There’s a little more info below for you..



Ematic, a leader in value tablets, launches its pro series 8” EGP008 tablet complete with an Android 4.1 operating system, a 1.6GHz dual core processor coupled with a quad core GPU, and Google Play.  The powerful tablet technology is encased in a sleek, aluminum form factor making it an ideal choice for on-the-go users.  The epitome of portability and productivity, the EGP008 is an essential device for those looking to enhance their professional mobile lives.

WiFi-ready and Bluetooth-enabled, users can easily browse the Web, and experience the endless possibilities of Google Play, a digital content platform that gives access to more than one million popular apps for education, entertainment and more.  Users can also peruse the world’s largest selection of eBook titles, HD movies, TV shows and music that will keep your attention for hours.  You can access this hub of entertainment from the Web or your Android device, and then stream it across all your gadgets.

Enjoy all of the features included in this Google-certified tablet including access to Gmail, browsing the Web with Chrome, directions with Google Maps and checking out videos on YouTube.  Additionally, Google Now offers you the right information at the right time by sending reminders at the moment you need them.  It uses location data and search history to predict what you may need to get through your day (i.e. movie times, plane tickets etc).

The 8” EGP008 comes packed with top specifications to ensure an optimal tablet experience.  The 1024×768 (160ppi) capacitive screen with multi-touch brings your movies and video games to life in high definition.  The EGP008 also features HDMI mirroring so you can connect the tablet to your TV to watch movies on your big screen. Additionally, the tablet sports a front facing camera ideal for video chatting with your family and friends, and a back camera that’s designed to capture all of life’s moments.  

Technical Specifications

Processor: 1.6GHz dual core processor and dedicated quad core GPU

Memory & Storage: 8GB internal flash memory, 1GB RAM, MicroSD card slot (supports up to an additional 32GB), and 5GB of cloud storage

Connectivity: Wi-Fi Ready, Bluetooth, USB Connection, HDMI Mirroring

Additional Features: 3-Axis Gyroscope, HD Video Player, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

Battery Life: 3000mAh provides up to ten hours of use

The EGP008 retails for $129.99 at