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Engadget doesn’t understand what an order is.


Engadget has run a recent article supposedly revealing Best Buy’s launch inventory of the iPhone 4.  I want all our readers to know, whether I like iPhones or not, that this is bullshit.  Our inventory system is a complex thing (I work at BBY) and their comments are from far outside the context of our system.  You ever order a bunch of crap from a retailer only to get an email back saying “Thanks for buying all our overpriced crap.  We don’t have it all yet so we’re going to send you some stuff now and the rest whenever the hell we feel like it.”  That’s basically what this On Order sort of stuff means.  Best Buy’s plan is really freaking simple.  Take a bunch of pre-orders, don’t piss off customers by cancelling orders they’ve already taken, and as iPhones come in start at the top of the list and go down.  They do not promise any units on launch day although every Best Buy should get them.  The white is going to be harder to come by for sure.  As for iPhones for non-preorders on launch, this is likely going to be a no if Best Buy continues to take preorders but no one really knows.  Depends on the individual stores inventory vs. preorder on launch day.  Hopefully Apple won’t be stingy with the product.  Whatever you do, don’t believe Engadget.