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ESPN Section 140

Just browsing Microsoft’s Mobile Phone site and saw a banner for “ESPN Section 140” and it led to some good stuff:) Take a look here for the full link to Section 140. Section 140 is a way to chat online during college football games and we’ll get to that in a second but when testing this I also realized that ESPN finally fixed their website for mobile viewing. The old mobile site was painful (see the image on the left) and the new site…dare I say is finger friendly and easy to read and navigate. Not sure when it happened but I like it:) Ok, let’s get back to Section 140 now (image on right) which is “powered by Windows phone”. If you fire up your WM device and go to (you’ll be redirected to m/ go to ‘Scores by Sport” and then “NCAA Football” and if you login you can participate to trash talk about the games.

Let’s do it more formally. From their website:

What is Section 140?

  • A new MOBILE destination to cheer, comment and maybe talk a little trash with other College Football fans from all across the country.
  • A MOBILE sounding board where you can join the conversation from anywhere during the game.
  • A real-time, MOBILE place to meet like-minded and not so like-minded fans while your teams are on the field.
  • A place to interact with ESPN College Football writers in the Virtual Press Box. How do I get there during College Football Games?

  • Go directly to on your mobile device and log in. New to ESPN Mobile? Create an account on or directly from ESPN Mobile.
  • Select NCAA Football or "Scores by Sport/NCAA Football" and select a game through our Top 25 list or by Conference.
  • While following the game in ESPN’s GameCast environment, access Section 140 and comment on live game action. Submit your comments and join ESPN’s community of live game discussion in Section 140.
    It’s that easy.
    A little applause for ESPN for fixing up their site and for MS and ESPN actually giving Windows phones a little love. Thanks guys