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Evidence points to Amazon User Reviews Being Smudged

It is quite the norm to see a new device hit the market to a resounding chorus of fantastic reviews left by new users who are giddy to finally have their new phone in hand. The newness tends to overshadow anything else in your first 24 hours of having the handset. There was just something off about BlackBerry’s reviews so I read them and check out what I found.

Folks, there is no red Z10 option on AT&T. I find it completely hilarious that someone posted about all their fancy accessories and covers for the phone hours after the many reports surfaced of the poor initial sales on Amazon. Secondly, quite a few of the reviews are from people who went into the store and tested out the device. What? How can you leave a review claiming it to be superior to other phones after just a few minutes of playing with it and you can’t testify to the messaging hub superiority without having your actual data on there.

This folks, is what I call smudging the numbers. Seriously read the reviews, on second thought, don’t. You’ll only be pulled in to fanboyism at its peak of absurdity. I’m not saying the Z10 is not a good phone and choice for some who prioritize the email experience over everything else. What I am saying is that these reviews are clearly over the top and clearly are meant to be adverts more than personal testimonies of their individual use cases.

Source: Amazon Wireless User Reviews