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Experiment 13 – You Must Try This Game

Remember when Xtrakt was ripped from the Xperia? Well this time Experiment 13 has been ripped from the Xperia 2 thanks to Ganondolf of XDA and this game is from the same developer and more than delivers in all respects. The game itself really has that fully developed feel that you can only get from a major developer with the resources to add the niceties of things like a story line and game tutorials. The concept is pretty simple – you need to navigate around the board and get all of the ‘energy spheres’ before being allowed to go to the next level. The game play involves using the touch screen (the accelerometer will not work on HTC devices) and you can control left/right by simply pressing in that direction and you can jump diagonally left/right or up. The lower left and lower right hand onscreen buttons rotate the screen so what was the floor becomes the wall. As you play you learn how to use the screen rotation and jump together to save time and avoid traps. It actually requires a bit of foresight. The game play is extremely fun and like Xtrakt the levels go by fast and keep the pace moving. And the graphics are seriously good. Everything is fluid looking and intentionally cartoony but it works very well together. It’s one of the best games I’ve played in terms of both the look and enjoyment of play.

A few notes though. If you have a VGA phone (like the Fuze) then the left and right edges will be cut off so if you want to move left/right you need to tap all the way at the edge of the screen (and the exit button is just showing but not entirely exposed). You can see this in the pics I took. In WVGA you get a beautiful full screen experience. I also highly recommend playing the tutorial the first time you play this game. It will save you time trying to figure out some of the simple ways to navigate around.

Thanks again to Ganondolf for taking the time to extract the application. The download can be found here at XDA and here at 1800PocketPC who also gets credit for digging up this gem. This will keep me busy for a while:)

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