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Extra DVD Ripper Professional v6.43

I’m back again with another piece of software to help you take your movies with you, this time it’s Extra DVD Ripper Professional version 6.43.

Extra DVD ripper isn’t a bad piece of software, but it could be better… read on to learn how it works and what can be improved upon.


Here’s the basic information, you can read the rest by visiting their site HERE.

Extra DVD Ripper Professional v6.43

Extra DVD Ripper Professional is a DVD ripping tool to rip your favorite DVD movies to popular iPod, MP4, AVI, Divx, XviD, VCD, SVCD, PSP, Mobile 3GP and Pocket PC video formats.
With Extra DVD Ripper Professional, you can choose which titles, audio tracks and subtitle tracks of the DVD you want to rip. You can also set the video size, bit-rate, frame-rate and aspect ratio, and audio bit-rate and sample. Extra DVD Ripper has a user-friendly interface and you can rip a DVD with only a few clicks.

Price: US$34.77 (free upgrades and supports)


We’re greeted with a rather small screen that seems very simplistic and sparse in terms of options.


Clicking the settings button opens up the choices for the formats for your DVD to be encoded to, and you’ve got a lot of them.


Of course we’re only really concerned with the PocketPC option, focusing on that one we can see there are other things you can change here as well including preset profiles and the video output size.


Hit the open folder button and up pops another box for you to navigate to your movies, I of course used Stargate again.


Hit the play button and off you go, you movies will begin ripping and encoding for your chosen format.


While it was working of course I checked CPU usage, and Extra DVD Ripper doesn’t utilize my quad core CPU, though it looks as though it can utiliize a dual core CPU with usage coming in at 36%.


So right near the end of the process I get an error:


hmmm… so I clicked on OK, and then it continued on to actually complete the process, not sure what happened there at all.



before we go one here, look at the above image, specifically the information listed under Destination and the Frames listed at the bottom, they go off the screen, Sloppy work to say the least by whoever designed it. The gray colored lettering blends right in and makes it fairly hard to read.


It took 35 minutes and 11 seconds to complete the process, that was from the time I hit the start button till it said finished.

The size of the final file was 848MB, which is rather large really, but still smaller than a DVD obviously. You’ll need a large storage card to be able to carry a few movies with you.


So we know the program sort of works, I was a bit worried that since I got the error the final product wouldn’t play correctly, but it did amazingly.

The quality is decent on my AT&T Tilt, the video is clear and the audio is synced to the video correctly, this is of course a good thing. So even though I got the error it still worked correctly, odd but it worked.

The time it takes to create the final file is a bit long compared to others out there, but in line with the majority of other DVD ripping software.

This software though does not include the nice extras like Wondershare DVD Ripper Platinum that I recently reviewed, and it costs almost. So for the same price as this software you can get Wondershare that does more and takes less time.




-Easy to use



-Interface is messed up

-Long encoding time

-Large file size

-Expensive for what you get or don’t get

-Strange error popped up

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