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Facebook reimagines Poking, seriously!

Facebook reimagines Poking

Next on my list of “HA! You wish I made this up!” is Facebook’s new “Poke” app available for the iPhone. Sure, we all know the uselessness of poking on Facebook, we’ve known the poke wars well! Seems as if the minds at be, over at the Facebook-verse have very little to do with their time, and now we have poking to the next level.

Facebook reimagines Poking 3Facebook reimagines Poking 2

This iPhone exclusive app (for right now at least,) gives you the ability to poke on or more of your friends, but this time with rich media! That’s right, you can “poke” your friend or friends with a written message, a photo or a video! Queue the “WTF” please. But wait, there is more! You will now have the ability to have the message self destroy anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds! Are you sold as yet?

My social sources tells me there is a small app by the name of Snapchat that does this type of silliness already, but as history would have, they’re about to be steam rolled by the big bag book! So long Snapchat, we hardly knew ya! Although I must say, Snapchat’s itunes preview images did a lot more for me than Facebook’s jumping fluffy dog. Oh well!

snapchat 2snapchat

Because I know you can’t wait any longer to download this wonderfully innovative piece of software, here is your link. Enjoy your poking good people!