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Fallen Realms Comes to Android for Free

A free game for Android and it’s from Sega, and it’s an RPG that looks pretty good. I for one am grabbing this now to play on my tablet. The game has social features like adding your friends and questing with them.


SEGA® of America, Inc., SEGA® Europe Ltd. and PapayaMobile today announced Fallen Realms™, a new role playing game for the Android platform enhanced with Papaya’s social features. Debuting on the Papaya Network, the leading social gaming network on Android with over 38 million users, Fallen Realms is the first SEGA-published title to incorporate PapayaMobile’s Social Software Development Kit and tap into Papaya’s huge social graph that enables an engaging experience.

With PapayaMobile, Fallen Realms players will be able to add friends from Papaya’s social gaming network, set off on joint adventures, form alliances, fight monsters and discover ancient treasures together. Players will be able to access Papaya’s “Circles” community, where they can shout about their victories, share tips and discover new strategies for gaining Papaya achievements.

Fallen Realms is available today for download

For more information on Fallen Realms, visit on a mobile device.