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Fighter- GSen Flight Shooter

This is a pretty neat game with the feel of Zaxxon or Tiger Heli if you remember those games…oh but the control uses the gsensor and it’s in Chinese so I don’t know what any of the options are:)  Here’s what I do know – xxmarkosxx of XDA posted a link to this game and it works on the Touch Pro and Diamond. The original source is not noted. Now for the Chinese part – you can’t read the options but oddly the word ‘game over’ is in English as are some of the sounds during the same. The gsen works great on this – you have to hold it in portrait mode (don’t try landscape like I originally did:)) And as you can see, the graphics are pretty decent. Also, it’s the type of game where you get shot a hundred times and just keep going…so even while taking screen shots you can get through a level:) I kinda like it and now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to get back to it:)

Oh to play it just download the file, unzip it and move the entire folder to your phone and then run fighter.exe from your phone.

fighter fighter 4 fighter 3