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“Find My Phone” Found My Phone

I have not posted anything recently so it is about time I logged in and slapped a post up. Last night I lost my phone. Quite the scare actually. I carry my phone around and never let it out of my sight. I use it frequently and know its weight in my pocket. To lose my phone is not something that happens very often. The story of how it was lost and found follows.

I get off work semi-late at night. I am forced to park across a street and through another apartment complex because I do not have a parking permit for the apartment complex I live in, apparently they ran out and can not give anymore out due to “overcrowding”. So I usually just take my longboard with me to and from work so I can travel fast and light to and from my truck after and before my shifts.

Last night I knew for a fact that my phone was with me when I parked. I thought my phone was on me as I traveled from my truck to my apartment. I also could have sworn that I had my phone in my room. Once I noticed it was missing I immediately started tearing apart my room looking for it. I even backtracked all the way to my truck, which I also tore apart looking for it.

I nearly gave up hope until I was talking with a gentleman named Ramon on Facebook. He suggested I utilize the Find My Phone feature that the Windows Phone devices have. I remember reading about the Find My Phone feature when I first bought my Focus, but never needed to use it.

Turns out all I had to do was go to, login with my Windows Live ID, click My Phone, then click Find My Phone! I was given a Bing map with the location of my phone. I analyzed the map and noticed that it was located in my truck.

Now that I knew my phone was actually in the truck I once again tore it apart looking for my Focus and there it was, under and behind the seats. Not quite sure how it ended up in that location, but I am just glad I found it.

Find My Phone works and is a great feature that microsoft included in these devices, no third party app involved. Just activate the setting under Settings > Find My Phone on your Windows Phone.

Anyone else have a Find My Phone experience?