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Fitbit Trackers Hacked in ’10 seconds’ but Fitbit sayz No Drama

So yesterday we started talking about Fitbit Trackers and how they could be hacked in 10 seconds. Wearable technology has taken no time to be exploited and hacked. “Fitbit responded and said this is merely theory but they haven’t actually delivered a virus in this manner and don’t think it’s possible. Apparently the hackers are working to prove it’s real.” It seems Fitbit was advised of the problem a few months ago but the larger issue is how do they roll out a fix to existing owners?

In any case, Fitbit saying that it is just a theory is really just an open invitation and fuel for hackers to further exploit any vulnerabilities in the Fitbit Tracker. According to Senior Fortinet researcher Axelle Apvrille who told Engadget "you don’t need physical access (to the tracker), but you do need to be close (Bluetooth range). It does not matter if it is paired (to another device) or not." When in range, a bad actor could infect the device in as little as 10 seconds.

Once the Fitbit is infected it could then load a vulnerability on to your computer the Fitbit is syncing too. Nice.